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TWR Is a unique prize generation system. Outside of Pools that pay, mine, and reserve prizes in several tokens at once. Prizes drawn are now done using third party applications. once you agree to our terms, you will be connected to our portal at the current third party application, all of your transactions there and winners chosen are done using that providers service and techniques, this keeps drawing random and open so that any eligible winner will be able to be drawn once entered. In most cases, TWR being a QGE the first of its kind Quantum Gaming Experience, will add and factor in various details and multipliers. We reserve the right to change any status at any time, deny any prize at any time for any reason and do so without notice, we offer most prizes according to availability within prize range within reason, so that we may be fluid as prizes are offered worldwide. Type, brand, color etc. can change and will not always be represented in accurate detail due to the nature of Worldwide availability and  the lack of. By pressing AGREE AND ENTER, you agree we have full discretion to do whatever the hell we want with prizes. We are not typical, we do not follow your outline, we arent BK you dont get it your way, this is crypto, you get it our way, The TWR way, or you dont get the fucking thing.

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