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As opposed to a Collection, UNRECYCLING is a COLLECTIVE NETWORK. With the format of a collective network we run limited collections as separate, just like most collections, all of the NFT minted at UNRECYCLING or Purchased in the secondary market from our minters, have unique qualities that set them apart from the group. The mints from UNRECYCLING also offer characteristics necessary to form community and the functions and processes that help to keep the community strong and growing. By combining unique traits and utility, we aim to create not a stand alone group or community, but an intertwined web of collections, all unique, but united under UNRECYCLING. The saying goes there is power in numbers. We plan to tap that principle, to bring the future of NFT ownership and community. By offering quality NFT governed by a group of holders using voting and a points system, we believe we have the power to bring NFT as close to decentralization as it can ever be. 



Decentralized, it is a beautiful word, it offers up feelings of strength and security, while also possessing a quality of vulnerability. In Crypto and the communities within, we hear it and read it all the time, and everyone may offer up a different idea of what it means, while the ideas all remain central, it seems so does most crypto. However, one struggles with the question, is Decentralization, the pinnacle of Non Fungibility  actually tangible itself? The answer we find is Yes and No. Decentralization as a concept would imply an autonomous organization, where no central person or group holds power over another in regard to finances or otherwise, and it is the absolute goal, the small point where the spark of imagination birthed crypto in the ether of the moment, Ideas for things such as long forgotten b-money were cast and forged, in the moment when the vacuum that would come to consume all of us in crypto first existed as barely a shift in the atmosphere. Is decentralization absolutely possible, yes, it is, but now is not the time for that. Decentralization is at this current time at its best, voted central group and shares. This insures that the user gets to cast his voice, can increase his ability to gain position in a fair and level market, and allows the majority to cast decisions based on held things which in this calculation stands as a primitive and effective gauge of interest in the project. If a man woman or otherwise, chooses to change his position he can do this in a number of ways, he can mint when prompted to gain free mints and thus by investing his interest by way of gas increase his voting power, and he can purchase or win tokens and NFT that will offer him the advantage he seeks, in each case the user must have an interest vested to begin to make decisions for the group and with and by the voting system. Does that mean that an individual with expendable wealth can manipulate the vote in large margins by making purchases and owning majority, Yes, it does, that is how a system in a commerce driven economy works, from the top to the bottom Majority still does rule in business. Be it by numbers of people or positions and interests. This can be offset by adversary as is natural. We can implement groups to govern the rules and give them the power to enforce them and help to cull it a little. This is where the Collective comes in.


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